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Fortcast: A Transmission of the Strange


Explorer Percy Fawcett, who disappeared mysteriously in 1925

Fortcast is a potential new podcast for Geek Planet Online that aims to examine and discuss unexplained phenomena and mysteries from around the world.

For the pilot episode, John Reppion, Helen Grant, Emma McNeil, Si Spurrier and myself have explored the subject of disappearances. Expect references to fairy abductions, the vanishing of Agatha Christie, the Eilean Mor lighthouse mystery, and, from my side, the story of explorer Percy Fawcett (pictured) and his search for the Lost City of Z, which seems to be taken out of a pulp novel and inspired both Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Rider Haggard.

The pilot is now available to download and, since we’re hoping to do more in the near future, we welcome any feedback — but please be kind! I still cringe at the sound of my own voice.