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Interview on #FolkloreThursday

John Reppion, the editor of Spirits of Place, spoke to Warren Ellis, Damien Williams, and myself about psychogeography and landscape.

My two favourite moments from the interview:

We’ve always embedded narrative in the world, and drawn it out of the world. The core premise is in fact one of the core hard-codes inside the human species.  This is what we do. 

(Warren Ellis)

(…) A place carries its narrative in itself, and that that narrative gets reinforced the more people live in that place and tell that story. Eventually the place passes along a sense of itself, a story that “everybody knows.” It’s something I’ve experienced in cities like DC and in a couple of houses where I’ve lived. They have a sense of themselves that emanates and reverberates through everyone that passes through or resides in them. Some places are so much themselves that they can change how people act and how they think about what they are. 

(Damien Williams)

You can read the full interview here.