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Darklore X


The tenth instalment of the Daily Grail’s Darklore is out now! This anthology series covers Forteana, hidden history, fringe science, the paranormal and the occult. As well as my piece on the true history of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, you’ll find essays by John Reppion, Mike Jay, Robert Schoch, Blair MacKenzie Blake, Ray Grasse, Kelvin Long, Greg Taylor, Neil Rushton, and Jeff Nisbet.

You can purchase Darklore X at several online retailers. Links to Amazon below:


Limited Edition Hardcover


Extract from the Daily Grail website: 

“Robert Schoch celebrates the life and research of his good friend John Anthony West; Eric Wargo writes about alchemy and out-of-body experiences; John Reppion explores the occult side of modern music; Blair MacKenzie Blake introduces readers to Fortean trickster Gray Barker; Maria J Pérez Cuervo investigates the true history of the Pied Piper of Hamelin; Ray Grasse gives his first-hand account of the discovery of ‘The Lost Tomb of Osiris’; Kelvin Long prompts us to think about how we could transmit a message to the survivors of a future apocalypse; Mike Jay looks back on one of the first recorded accounts of ‘mind control’; Greg Taylor asks whether meteorites were the first gods of humanity; Neil Rushton delves into faery metaphysics; and Jeff Nisbet offers a solution to the mystery of the carved stone balls of Scotland.”