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Introducing HELLEBORE

I’m thrilled to say I’m editing a limited-run magazine devoted to British folk horror and the occult, featuring words by Ronald Hutton, Katy Soar, John Reppion, Verity Holloway, Dee Dee Chainey, David Southwell, Mercedes Miller, and myself, and art by Paul Watson and Eli John. The Sacrifice Issue will be out in late October 2019, and you can pre-order it here.

Folklore Thursday Tweets | July 21

I’ve been there only once, fifteen or twenty years ago, but this Folklore Thursday made me feel like booking flights to the Czech Republic: The Czech Bogeyman — typo: it should be “bubak”. Apologies!– looks like an evil scarecrow, but can cry like a baby to lure his victims. The Bubach: evil scarecrow who drives a cart pulled by cats and weaves the souls of his victims. #FolkloreThursday — Maria J Pérez Cuervo (@mjpcuervo) July 21, 2016 Tintin’s Ottokar — that of the sceptre– was supposed to be Ottokar IV of Syldavia, a fictional country I’d love to visit one day. The story of Ottokar II of Bohemia, however, could well be turned into a comic. King Ottokar II built Houska Castle over a hole in the ground thought to be a Gateway to Hell. #FolkloreThursday — Maria J Pérez Cuervo (@mjpcuervo) July 21, 2016